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Soul Speakers

Maimah Karmo

Title: Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose

What you get:

o   The Power in Living with Grace

o   How to Embrace the Moment

o   Living as a Sacred Space

Dawn Espinoza

Title: Design a Life You Love

What you get:

o   How to see and cultivate beauty in every aspect of your life

o   How to re-define yourself after major life changes

Bruce Vanhorn

Title: How to Re-Story Your Life

What you get:

o   How to use words to positively change yourself and the world

o   How to change your story

Mali Phonpadith

Title: Mapping & Soaring Into Your Vision

What You Get:

o   Understanding Your Belief Systems

o   Knowing Your Worth

o   Moving Into Your Faith

Violette de Ayala

Title:  Service to Others & Following What Brings you Joy

What you get:

o   Connectivity to Your Purpose

o   Clarity and Intention

o   Getting Your Message to 1M people

Terrie Christine

Title: The Secret Power of You – Unlocking The Power Within

What you get:

o Uncovering the limiting beliefs held in your subconscious

o Exposing your programmed patterns that keep you in the energy of struggle

o Connecting the past to your present and the present to your future

Meghan Enriquez

Title: True Conversations Your Soul Is Begging You to Have (And How to Overcome the Bullshit We Use to Ignore It

What you get:
o  The importance of honoring our soul with true conversation
o  How listening to ourselves and other supports our soul’s growth
o  Tools we can implement to live our soul’s bliss

Martha Brettschneider

Title: Manifesting Intentional Action Through Mindfulness Practice

What you get:

o  Setting intentions that are in alignment with your highest purpose requires clearing your thought clutter.

o  Mindfulness meditation practice creates that spaciousness of mind.

o  Translating intention into action requires present moment awareness, focus, and clarity of mind through mindfulness practice.

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Mina Fies

Title: Manifesting More Flow

What you get:

o   How to Create flow and increase positive energy

o   How to deepen the connection between spirit and self

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Martha Carruci

 Title: How to Overcome Hurt by Being Present to Life

What you get:

o  Loving Your Story

o Envisioning the Happy ending

o  How Sharing the Secret Leads to Acceptance, forgiveness and clarity

o  Letting go of Guilt and Shame

Carin Kilby Clark

Title: Your Right to Thrive in Every Area of Your Life

What you get:

o   How to ditch overwhelm and achieve more balance

o   How to transform habits and get goals that stick

Joni Rayos

Title:  Create Your Dream Life

What you get:

o   How to go from stressed and drained to spiritually-balanced and sane

o   How to power up your passions and upgrade your power

Natalie Lewis

Title: Viewing your Breaking Points as Turning Points and five ways to shift your mindset and ignite your own personal turning point.

What you get:

o   Self-Awareness

o   Self-Preservation

o   Self- Confidence

o   Self-Healing

o   Self- Evolving

Rebecca Thompson

Title: Living in Your Light

 What you get:

o   How to connect with the truth of who you are

o   How to release tension and trauma